(AHA) – Alkaline Hydrogen Antioxidant Water Bottle

(AHA) – Alkaline Hydrogen Antioxidant Water Bottle

The Biocera Alkaline Hydrogen Antioxidant (AHA) Water Bottle is an attractive and convenient way to have the benefits of alkaline antioxidant water wherever you are. Great for taking to work, to use when travelling or for taking to the gym.

The Biocera AHA bottle produces hydrogen rich water. Molecular hydrogen is increasingly being appreciated for its enhancing properties and increasing research is being published on different facets, particularly in regard to its ability to help to neutralise harmful oxygen free radicals.

The Neutralising Power of Molecular Hydrogen

Oxygen free radicals are unstable forms of oxygen, unlike the oxygen we breathe in. They are produced in our body as a result of stress, environmental pollution and many other causes. These oxygen free radicals cause oxidation in our cells. As a result the cell membranes and DNA, in addition to other structures in our cells, can be damaged, resulting in loss of function. Free Radical damage is regarded by many as the prime cause of accelerated aging.

Damage caused by oxygen free radicals can be minimised by consumption of adequate amounts of antioxidants. Foods such as fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, however molecular hydrogen is also a powerful antioxidant.

Biocera AHA Water Bottle – using the Power of Natural Mineral Bioceramics

The Biocera AHA bottle uses carefully selected natural minerals formed into ceramic balls to activate and change the water that is put in the bottle. These natural minerals have several functions, including increasing the alkalinity of the water and releasing molecular hydrogen. In addition to hydrogen the bioceramics release calcium, magnesium, potassium and other beneficial minerals into the water.

Biocera bioceramics have got NSF certification. NSF is an international safety standard. To achieve NSF certification the bioceramic balls have to be extensively tested to ensure no harmful toxins leach into the water. The Biocera AHA water bottle is made from Titan plastic which is BPA free and has transparency of glass.

Attractive, Practical and Effective.

The AHA bottle is an attractive capsule shape. It weighs only 250g when empty and holds 500ml of water. Add bottled water or filtered water, leave for a few minutes. Then shake to activate and it is ready to drink. The bioceramic filter cartridge should be replaced once a year. This is based on drinking 1.5 litres per day from the bottle. The bottle and cartridge require occasional cleaning to keep the minerals active